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Check out some of our frequently asked questions to learn how to prepare your items for storage.

When organizing a box with small items, completely fill each box with heavier items on the bottom and then lighter items on the top. Remember to use uniformly sized boxes so that they stack more easily and conserve storage space!

Always pack books flat and not standing on end. This will protect the spines, which will bend and warp over time if stood upright. Books are very heavy, so be sure to pack them in small boxes and don’t put them in boxes with other, more fragile items.

To store a lawn mower / snow blower / small engine equipment, be sure to drain the gasoline and oil from all small engines. This will protect both your stored property and the property of others from the dangers of fire and explosion.

Place mattresses in plastic covers to protect them from dust and moisture!

Couches, clothes, and other equipment/furniture may be made of leather. If you want to store an item that has a leather component, be sure to apply a leather conditioner to them prior to storing them. Keep furniture items off the floor by placing them on pallets.